Voices from the edge of Treason


Your name will echo throughout history.


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The way some people freak out about pumpkin spice stuff coming back you’d think it’s a rare drug from a desert planet or something…

Again - it is the legend!

Anonymous said: can you draw yourself while having sex with one of your prefer dragon ball charachter?


Only if you ask another DB hentai artist to do the same, and they have to be male. Then maaaaybe I’ll think about it.

Hey, it’s only fair.


A Quick Guide To Classic Who - Season 25 (The Seventh Doctor)

The Quick Guide rises once again as Diamanda Hagan brings you the season in the seventh Doctor rose to greatness and took the whole show along for the ride.

Behold the awesome continuity- and scripting porn that is Remembrance Of The Daleks, which includes  re-visitation of lots of Dalek elements and the introduction of the some enduring ones, and one of the most glorious scenes in all of Whovian history (as well a cameo one wouldn’t expect).

Hagan also takes a look at The Happiness Patrol (and explains why it’s not so bad, after all), the last classic Cybermen story (which also involves Neo-Nazis somehow), and what may be the most meta episode of all time (which succeeds where Love And Monsters failed). 

All this and more in this Quick Guide To Classic Who!

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"Just when exactly did I give you the medicine? 
Make sure you find you when you go back in time!"

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Reblog if it’s okay

Who am I to say no?



Reblog if it’s okay

Who am I to say no?


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